Hulu taps Amazon Web Services for live TV offering

Hulu taps Amazon Web Services for live TV offering

The hosted security service uses machine learning to classify the sensitivity of customers' data in Amazon S3 and monitor and report any risks and unusual access, according to a corporate press release. "Putting our stream ingest, repackaging, DVR storage, and origin serving on AWS freed us from having to build out data centres and led to a faster time to market with higher availability".

Amazon Macie discovers threats and safeguards customer data using machine learning algorithms that are trained to identify personally identifiable information or intellectual property, Matt Wood, AWS' general manager for artificial intelligence, told attendees of the NY conference. It then assigns each data item a business value and monitors that item to detect any suspicious activity based on access patterns. Users receive alerts and recommendations for resolving issues; they can also define automated remediation actions for specific scenarios.

I have exciting news for all Amazon Web Services customers!

"By using machine learning to understand the content and user behaviour of each organisation, Amazon Macie can cut through huge volumes of data with better visibility and more accurate alerts", stated AWS chief information security officer Stephen Schmidt.

Amazon announced that Hulu, a provider of premium streaming content provider of both original content and leading TV and movies, selected AWS to be its cloud provider. Amazon said AWS Glue is "serverless", meaning users pay only for the computing resources they use during jobs. Glue is a fully managed extract, transform, and load service that makes it easier for customers to prep and load data into the cloud. By cataloging all of a customer's data and automating the ETL process, AWS Glue not only takes a lot of the hassle out of analytics.

"We developed AWS Glue to eliminate much of the undifferentiated heavy lifting involved with ETL", stated Raju Gulabani, AWS' vice president of databases, analytics and AI.

The new service uses data security automation and monitoring to proactively prevents data loss.

The New York Summit also saw financial services company FICO outline details of its AWS-focused, cloud-first strategy, which will see the firm migrate a number of its applications to the firm's public cloud over the next three years. Hulu is the latest media company to join AWS, with the company already boasting the likes of BBC, Channel 4, Guardian News & Media, New International, Netflix and many more on its books.