Intel reveals Ice Lake codename for upcoming 10nm+ processor family

Intel reveals Ice Lake codename for upcoming 10nm+ processor family

Cannon Lake, the first chip family built on the 10nm process, has yet to even be fully detailed.

Assuming Intel indeed launches its final 8th Generation Coffee Lake chips this August, that would pave the way for the next significant Cannon Lake announcement in early-2018. There were some unexpected hurdles in the manufacturing process.

Logically, this would result in Ice Lake being identified as the 9th Generation Intel Core CPU, and since it will be produced with the second iteration of Intel's 10 nm process, we aren't likely to see any desktop/laptop microarchitecture separation. "These processors utilize Intel's industry-leading 10nm+ process technology".

Yet that hasn't stopped the computing giant from teasing us with "what's next" for its Core processor family, with the firm stealthily dropping 8th Generation "successor" Ice Lake into the platforms and codenames section of its website. Thus, Kaby Lake is now designated as 14nm+. The output of the decoder says: "The Ice Lake processor family is a successor to the 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor family".

According to Ian Cutress of AnandTech, the split will be done on the basis of core size and power, where the smaller 15W parts will deploy Cannon Lake chips because small chips will help generate higher yields from the new 10nm process.

Intel plans to divide desktop and laptop by chips.

For years, Intel moved on what it called a "tick-tock" cadence, launching a chip on a new process technology, then redesigning it for faster performance around a new architecture.

Another factor, timing, remains uncertain.

This reveal made by Intel is surprising given the fact that the company hasn't yet announced the full details of Cannon Lake. There's been previous speculation that the follow-up to Cannon Lake will also be manufactured under the 10-nanometer process, but with news of Ice Lake now confirmed, the conversation gains new traction.

Ice Lake sadly won't be released until sometime in 2019, but what is going to be interesting is the time between now and then. Maybe not, but we now have more to talk about.