Google testing 'Search Lite' app in developing markets w

Google testing 'Search Lite' app in developing markets w

The Alphabet Inc-led company has been working towards a low-data version of its Android software system as well, called 'Android Go.' All of these activities fall in line with Google CEO, Sundar Pichai's vision of reaching the 'next billion users'.

And thanks to the built-in data saving features, this is the first time ever an official Google mobile app offers Instant Search - something which, ironically, Google killed off just a couple of weeks ago because it never worked on smartphones. But it does look like initial roll out will be in Indonesia and India. On setup, users select their language before being brought to the homepage.

Google has launched a questions and answers feature for Google Maps. The search bar itself is positioned at the bottom, making it easier to access with one hand. Other shortcuts include Top Sites and Offline Pages.

The last two icons on the homescreen are for Settings and Feedback.

The main difference between the original app and the lighter version is that the latter uses very little data.

The report claims that the app appeared in Facebook ads for many users of the network in Indonesia.

That's because the company is now piloting such an app in Indonesia, as the eagle-eyed team at Android Police first spotted.

Given the current refined stage of the app, it's likely that the app will be rolling out to select developing markets sooner than later.