Crackdown 3 Delayed Until Spring 2018

Crackdown 3 Delayed Until Spring 2018

Crackdown 3, many will remember, is the innovative title created to showcase Microsoft's cloud-based physics.

As you can gather from the message above, the game will be delayed until spring of 2018, meaning that we might even get another huge Crackdown 3 announcement at E3 2018. However, we expect we'll hear a more specific release date closer to that time.

Crackdown 3 will miss the crucial holiday season and is not able to help push the Xbox One X at launch. Of course, I bet there's still a whopping release day patch anyway, there always is. According to Loftis, the studio wanted to make sure that they could "deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time".

Shannon Loftis explained that in order to create a ideal balance between the game's three modes-campaign, co-op, and multiplayer-the studio will be needing "extra development time". The new release window means Crackdown 3 will be out sometime between March and June 2018.

Our impression of Crackdown 3 at E3 2017 was, well, less than stellar.

KitGuru Says: There has been a long road leading up to Crackdown 3's release and it looks like now we are going to need to wait a bit longer.

Microsoft has just announced that a Crackdown 3 delay is happening, as they believe the game needs more time in development before it can be released.

She also said that the extra development time will give the studios the time to "focus on the visual polish".

Microsoft doesn't seem too anxious about the line-up of games coming to its platform, or how that'll affect the release of its superpowered Xbox One X. We think it deserves the time we're giving it, we think our partners deserve the extra time, to ensure we deliver the experience thatCrackdown fans deserve.

As a result of this delay, Microsoft's new Xbox One X console will arrive without a launch title. "We hope they love it as much as we do".