Bethesda replaces Prey's Opening Hour Demo with a Free Trial

Bethesda replaces Prey's Opening Hour Demo with a Free Trial

This means anyone who wants to can try out the game for free, and if they like it, retain their progress along with any trophies/achievements earned when they come to purchase the full game. Yeah, it's that good. Starting today, the game from Arkane Studios will be available as a PC trial for the first-time ever.

Of course, there is also a brand new trial version dedicated trailer for the game- you can check that out for yourself below, too.

As Bethesda highlights in its blog post, Prey is a mind bending sci-fi adventure game that has been called the "best game of 2017", by some critics.

If you own a PC and are thinking of purchasing, Arkane has made a decision to launch Prey trial mode on PCs these days.

Prior to its release, Prey for consoles had a demo version available. Built as something of a spiritual successor to System Shock, players take control of Morgan Yu as he tries to escape a research station overrun by a deadly alien species.

Released this past May, Prey is considered a reimagining of the 2006 game of the same name, having no relation to the cancelled sequel of the original title and instead relying completely upon its own assets. As a bonus, the game is now available at 50% off across all platforms for $29.99, for a limited time.