Organizers Postpone "March On Google"

Organizers Postpone

Organizers have postponed marches protesting Google's firing of James Damore, blaming left-wing "terrorist threats".

The postponement comes a couple of days after the deadly attack in Charlottesville, in which a man drove a auto into counter protesters, killing one person and injuring 19.

The March on Google, a series of planned protests in cities across the country after a male Google employee was sacked over a diversity memo last week, said on its website that the march has been postponed "for the safety of our citizen participants". The Internet-fueled falsehood led a gunman in December to fire an assault-style rifle as he searched the pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong.

Announcing the postponement, Posobiec blamed the mainstream media, particularly CNN, for making false statements and alleging that their peaceful march was organised by Nazi sympathizers.

On August 9, Posobiec along with a "coaltion [sic] of free speech activists around the United States" announced the March on Google to protest the company for terminating the employment of James Damore, who wrote and circulated a memo that said biology rendered women less suitable for engineering work, among other anti-diversity arguments.

"We want to make sure that those people are not allowed or are unable to gain access to our communities, because we want to make sure that everybody is safe", said activist and organizer Daeja Baker.

The march appeared to be hastily scrubbed.

But Posobiec was also facing pressure to postpone the march from other members of far-right movements, who said that it was ill-timed.

Unfortunately, Charlottesville was just the beginning of the alt-right madness.

"Through our various public safety partners, there were no known threats made against the March on Google here in Cambridge", he said.

Organizers of the March On Google have been distancing themselves from the violence in Charlottesville.

The organizers added that a protest will be held at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, but USA Today reported that the city of Mountain View has yet to receive an event permit application for the scheduled date.