Facebook pushes updates to deal with spam video clickbait

Facebook pushes updates to deal with spam video clickbait

Fake video play buttons can dupe Facebook users into making unintended visits to dubious sites, including those with malicious adware.

Spammers also use static images disguised as videos to trick people into clicking on a low-quality experience.

Today it started downranking the News Feed presence of links that display a fake play button in the preview image, as well as videos that are actually just a static image uploaded as a video file. "Most Pages won't see significant changes to their distribution in News Feed", Facebook engineers wrote in a blog post.

Facebook has announced that in order to promote "authentic content", its algorithms will now target and remove video clickbait from the News Feed.

Video clickbaits are those posts that have fake video-play buttons embedded into an image, and videos of a static image.

Also mentioned is that Facebook Page publishers who are relying on such practices may also witness a decrease in distribution.

Facebook is clamping down on these practices in a bid to tidy up users' newsfeeds and avoid people being transported to "low quality websites" set up by spammers. Rolled out a couple of days ago, the firm tweaked the Home Screen to improve navigation and bring better readability.

The company is planning to push this update across the globe in coming weeks. The comments now look similar to Messenger chat thread as they are now seen in a bubble instead of being placed between two lines.

Authentic communication is one of our core News Feed values, and we know our community values it.