River Pollution Causes Dogs To Turn Blue

River Pollution Causes Dogs To Turn Blue

Arati Chauhan, who shared pictures of the dogs on Facebook, told NDTV, "We observed that birds too are turning blue. says Jayashree Katkar, secretary of the Taloja Manufacturers Association.Meanwhile, in a relief to some of the canines, the dye seems to be washing off after showers in the city".

The dogs reportedly turned blue after drinking and bathing in the river.

Stray dogs from Navi Mumbai's Taloja Industrial Area have been spotted wearing an unusual colour - bright blue.

She further said, "It is MPCB's responsibility to control the pollution.

However, five to six dogs entered the site looking for food and got the blue colour on them", Jayavant Hajare, sub-regional officer, MPCB Navi Mumbai, told Hindustan Times.

Kasadi river of Navi Mumbai linked with Indian river whose water is not fit for human as well as for animal consumption as the waste of various industries has been disposed of there.

The company was warned to prevent any other animals from coming into contact with the contaminated water.

There are 977 factories in the area, with industrial engineering businesses, food processing plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations located across roughly 2100 acres.

"We have given the company seven days to clear the pollutants from the site".

Arati Chauchen, head of Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell, filed a complaint with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) regarding how the factory pollutants were causing severe problems for the stray dogs, to the point of causing one to have an eye infection.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time blue dogs have been spotted in Mumbai. A dye factory was to blame then, as well.