Why the US total solar eclipse is so special

Why the US total solar eclipse is so special

Where can I go to watch the eclipse? .

A Youtube video answers this question and shows a spectacular view of the solar eclipse, as experienced from space. Of course, that solar eclipse is sneaking up on us pretty quickly. It is not recommended to make your own glasses as you might have researched, but it is okay to construct projector/viewer, because using this viewer means you won't have to look directly at the sun.

What time will the eclipse happen?

But each location has different exact times.

At totality, prepare for oddness, at least for a few minutes.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is sharing a variety of tips to ensure you get the best selfie possible. The last time the contiguous USA saw a total eclipse was in 1979.

No places in Colorado will have 100 percent of the sun concealed. "My guess is 90 percent of them are going to be outside".

Other parts of the continental United States will get their views, but they won't be as spectacular as ours.

The path of totality won't cross through Alabama, but it will be close. The sky becomes very dark, as if it were night. The Great American Eclipse can be seen mainly from North America, where millions will be in the path of totality.

Lowes is sold out of the eclipse glasses, and Walmart is quickly running out.

The glasses don't have the level of protection required to keep someone's eyes safe, according to Shapiro. "The eclipse presents a wonderful opportunity for our community, and it is important to do proper research to protect your health".

"There will be a lot of curious eyes watching the solar eclipse", he says.

Haven Rooftop: Enjoy the eclipse with a cocktail and a snack at Haven Rooftop, a glass enclosed rooftop bar located on top of the Sanctuary Hotel in Manhattan.

Here's where the eclipse is passing over the USA and where you can get the best view just by stepping outside. Take a look at these instructions.

It's possible there could be cloud cover in some areas.

Taking care of your eyes is one of the things to have on your check-list before Monday. So don't expect incredible eclipse photos from your smartphone. It is of utmost importance that you do not view the eclipse without your solar eclipse viewing glasses as you can seriously hurt your eyes, or possibly cause blindness.

Here are some of the easiest ways to watch online.

FOX31 will have an hour-long eclipse newscast Monday at 11 a.m., showing the eclipse in Colorado, Wyoming, and across the county.

NASA will also provide a live stream of the eclipse on their website.