Cow deaths: Chattisgarh BJP leader running cow shelter sent to jail

Cow deaths: Chattisgarh BJP leader running cow shelter sent to jail

"If this is the new definition of gauraksha, I suppose everybody should ignore this bad event (of cows death in Chhattisgarh)...because double standards is the definition of the BJP", Singhvi told reporters here. Referring to the Chief Minister's comments earlier this year, AICC spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said "gauraksha" (cow protection) has been reduced to killing of innocents, mostly of minority community.

In yet another incident of neglect in cow shelters, over 200 cows died in two days due to starvation and lack of proper care in a Gaushala in Chattisgarh's Rajpur, as villagers claimed on Friday. The authorities have, however, confirmed only 27 starvation-related deaths. Several carcasses, other than those buried, were found in the vicinity, they told media.

The villagers alleged that the district administration failed to respond when they informed it about failing health of cows due to lack of fodder and water.

"If I recollect correctly, no less than a death penalty has been demanded (in such cases) a couple of times by Chief Minister (Raman Singh) in the past".

According to him, the state government was responsible to provide his Rs 10 lakh per to maintain the gaushala, but he hadn't got any money since last two years. I have intimated the government many times that I am not able to feed them but in vain. "I am not guilty for the deaths". He had said, "My cow shelter is overcrowded".

The reasons are strikingly similar - improper facilities, lack of fodder, no hygiene, pneumonia caused by rains, etc. Without the recourse to cattle market and slaughter of infirm animals, the excess drain on the economy as a result of feeding all the cows and bullocks and bulls would be tremendous. Real love for animals would never let anyone kill in the name of a fellow creature.