WWE SummerSlam Predictions: Who Will Win?

While a big match like that might warrant some serious trash talking, the group says they have no more words for their opponents.

One of the biggest events in WWE history is going to happen in a few days. "I absolutely did not know that I would not be in this spot right now, but I did know I would have the opportunity to make my spot in this match".

The ongoing feud between John Cena and Baron Corbin is also a match that viewers will not want to miss.

But never fear, The Roar has you covered with the five matches you must watch at Summer Slam.

Linda McMahon, who stepped down as CEO of WWE several years ago to make two unsuccessful runs for Senate as a Republican in CT, is a member of Trump's cabinet as Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Titus Brand and Tozawa had their moment when he won the title, Neville gets it back here and this entertaining feud continues. If creative has their heart set on keeping Finn Balor a babyface for the time being, the three men being on the same show serves purely as a tease.

This is mostly going to be fun for nostalgia purposes. This was supposed to be a title defense against Bayley but Bayley is injured and Sasha took her place.

When it comes to Wrestlemania I will take whatever opportunity that comes to me. There's probably a bit more to that story than meets the eye, but for now, whatever real life gripe they have could result in some aggressive in-ring work and some stiff shots. Summerslam is as good a place as any to wrap this up.

We are a day early, but on August 21, 1979, Dusty Rhodes won his first world title when he defeated Harley Race to win the NWA crown. They have seen other hyped tag teams either return to action or arrive in the WWE around them and receive a healthy diet of opportunities, i.e. The production here is top notch and it is the job that they do week after week which is astonishing. Balor has said he will bring back the Demon King character, which made its last appearance in the match to determine the first WWE Universal Champion. I only wish they didn't advertise it.

What do you think of the potential protests of President Donald Trump in NY this weekend?

With the loss, Corbin became only the fourth out of 18 Bank briefcases winners to not cash in and win a heavyweight title. A year ago at this event, Charlotte defeated Banks to win her second championship. This is also unprecedented because it's the first Japanese superstar vs. Aside from the main event, this storyline got the best build of all the SummerSlam matches, setting the stage for what could be one of the best matches on the card.

When you have so many forces of the nature in the ring, sometimes you have ride up the storm and see them collide and take the opportunity.

United States championship: AJ Styles vs. The Beast Incarnate, The Big Dog, The Monster Among Men, and The Destroyer. Of course, that could all just be some Paul Heyman misdirection, as he teased it once again on Raw. There is a chance for Show to be double-crossed, but it more likely only one of these pairs of brothers leaves Brooklyn together. Either of them could even show up at Summerslam.

Former NXT Tag Team Champions Konnor and Viktor haven't been given a fair shake to at least find their way on the roster as the heavy-metal tough guy personas they display.