Donald Trump does it again, confuses 'heal' with heel on Twitter

Donald Trump does it again, confuses 'heal' with heel on Twitter

Ivanka Trump said it was "beautiful" to see thousands of anti-fascist protestors denouncing racism and anti-Semitism in Boston and NY on Saturday as her father continued to make ambiguous comments that failed to specifically condemn far-right groups inciting hatred across the US.

Trump was making comment on the protest rally held in Boston where more than 15,000 anti-fascist demonstrated against right-wing activists on Saturday.

However, spelling "heal" as "heel" twice in one sentence in two consecutive tweets was no oversight or a outcome of Twitter's limit on characters. "Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, and we will heal and be stronger than ever before!"

Merriam-Webster tweeted out a quick reminder on the words' definitions.

US President Donald Trump is controversy's favourite child.

Ms Trump, 35, ensured she couldn't be accused of making an equivalence between white supremacist groups and counter-demonstrators by tweeting: "It was attractive to see thousands of people across the U.S.A come together today to peacefully denounce bigotry, racism & anti-semitism".

But that was too late for the President.

Today, Boston stood for peace and love, not bigotry and hate.

That tweet appeared to be quickly deleted, then posted again, then deleted again.

Earlier in May, the president had tweeted: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

In just 120 minutes more than 73,000 people retweeted the tweet.

Misspellings, and deletions, have been common for Trump on Twitter.

Other Twitter users used the gaffes as an opportunity to have some fun at the president's expense. He says he uses it to communicate to people outside the media filter and, of course, supporters argue he won the election doing things his way.