YouTube adds 'breaking news' section for homepage and mobile apps

YouTube adds 'breaking news' section for homepage and mobile apps

YouTube has introduced a "Breaking News" feature to its feed section in a recent update, where it will post videos from various news agencies and newsrooms.

As the video sharing site has grown older, the content has grown more produced with YouTube personalities mounting "celebrity" careers, while commentary-heavy videos grow in popularity over the raw video that is more common on Facebook and Twitter.

Today, my "breaking news" tab had a lot of news on Bannon's exit from the White House.

YouTube's foray into the news media market isn't new.

For many, YouTube is the go-to place for footage of any major event that takes place as the video-streaming website is often credited with finding videos that are covering the most significant of news in real time. In June, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the site had 1.5 billion watching an hour of video each on mobile alone.

Good news! It seems YouTube will no longer merely serve your urges to rewatch gory Game of Thrones clips or the intro from The Real Ghostbusters, thanks to a new Breaking News carousel that looks set to serve up all manner of depressing current affairs news. Year-to-date, GOOGL has gained 16.88%, versus a 9.58% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

You can also expect Google to closely monitor viewing habits and adjust its content mix accordingly, leveraging its treasure trove of data to provide the best possible viewing experience.