Have Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson had SEX in the CBB house?!

Have Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson had SEX in the CBB house?!

The intense argument then soon calmed down as Chad told Sarah: "This is the weirdest fight ever".

But the CBB viewers were left surprised when the Girls Aloud star was seen groping her new beau's privates under the covers.

Chad reassured her: "No, I would never".

"I know it's just a game but I just think, what am I doing so wrong that even Derek [Acorah] did it?"

Asking if Sarah was naked under the towel, Chad then asked the pretty blonde if she wanted to "Netflix and chill" later that night - widely accepted code for having sex. "She says we got caught up in the emotions, but I didn't get caught up, I knew I liked her". You're just starting out.

CBB viewers quickly took to social media to express their shock and disgust at the Sarah and Chad's raunchy antics.

The duo, who officially became girlfriend and boyfriend a few days ago, shared a bed for the first time and got a bit carried away.

'I could've done without seeing Sarah rubbing Chad's d***,' one wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: 'Some things U REALLY don't wanna C on #CBB Can someone pop Sarah Harding a note thru that there are actually cameras in there!

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 Sarah and Chad
CHANNEL 5 HANDS ON Chad let Sarah have a feel of the goods

An insider said: "There's a lot of heavy petting going down between the couple".

'Viewers can draw their own conclusions about what happens but it's pretty clear'.

Meanwhile, Sarah was nominated this week by Derek, Sandi Bogle, Sam Thompson, Helen Lederer, Jemma Lucy, Shaun Williamson and Amelia Lily.

"What is your drama?" a puzzled Chad asked.

In a twist, however, any housemate who received a nomination this week will face the public vote, not just the housemates with the most nominations.

But Sarah is less convinced to whether Chad's confession is genuine.

Two of the stars will be evicted on Tuesday (22.08.17).

She told housemates: "We won't be having sex on TV".