The Internet Died After the Worst Death in Game of Thrones History

Now that it's officially aired on Hotstar, here I bring to you the spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 "Beyond the Wall" (which HBO Spain and HBO Nordic had "accidentally " released way earlier than its actual release). But then neither of those are really represented by GoT so it's more likely to assume that it has something to do with the latest episode in which Jon Snow was confronted by Drogon, who actually allowed the northerner to touch him. Fortunately while we were having nightmarish visions of a dragon-killing ice javelin soaring at our hearts, all of you came through for us - again - with hilarious jokes and memes to help us during this hard time.

The look on Daenerys's face was priceless as she watched her favored dragon accept the touch of another person.

Things are set to go up a notch, though, as the Game of Thrones season 7 finale is set to be a whopping 81 minutes.

As armies descend upon King's Landing, all sides prepare for anything they may be walking into.

The White Walkers have magic, they have numbers and now they have an Ice Dragon. Will it kill them or make them into instant members of the undead army?

It was catastrophic, but in an even more awful way than I could have imagined. Amongst all this, Twitterati also did not forget to collectively drool over how Tormund fondly talked about Brienne - "Get you man who talks about you the way Tormund talks about Brienne", wrote one Twitter user, and rightly so. You can argue that there isn't much content left in Game of Thrones so the story needs to be wrapped up quicker, but passage of time isn't being shown well.

Now, when we first watched the episode, we simply thought that would be the end of Viserion, but no, the Night King made a decision to fish the dragon out of the icy depths and create his very own ice dragon. "Of course you'd turn", she joked to EW. The episode, from the moment it began, had us on our toes and all hell broke loose when that dead bear growled in the first scene.