Selena Gomez too clingy for The Weeknd?

Selena Gomez too clingy for The Weeknd?

Like Selena, Sofia loves to change up her hairstyle, and she alternates from wearing her hair sleekly blown out and in natural waves.

Here are some pics of the real Selena Gomez, just for comparison purposes.

The fans of the singer also known as "Selenators" are going insane over her new songs and are waiting expectantly for the new album.

We must say the two do look alike! The 22-year-old has been modeling her wardrobe and beauty after Selena for awhile now and people are finally starting to notice. From the eyebrows to the lips to the ideal art of taking a selfie, it's safe to say that Selena and Sofia are basically the same person. That's just what's happening with Instagrammer Sofia Solares, whose uncanny resemblance to "Bad Liar" singer Selena Gomez has fans of the singer flocking to her profile. Another interesting and a rather ironic fact is that Sofia is a major fan of Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend pop singer Justin Bieber! Sofia could be her stand-in.

News, Solares said she would love for the "Come and Get It" singer to know who she is.

Most recently she has been sporting a long bob similar to the one Selena dons in her music video for her son Fetish.

And this is Selena Gomez.

The best part is, Sofia loves Selena and really enjoys how everyone has recognised their resemblance. One commented, "You're so attractive just like Sel", while another asked, "Are sure you're not Selena Gomez's twin!?"

"I mean, it's great that I look like her", Solares told E!, "but I do not want to lose myself for trying to be someone I'm not".