The Football Association 'disappointed' as Fancy Bears leak anti-doping records

The Football Association 'disappointed' as Fancy Bears leak anti-doping records

Fancy Bears has become known for its release of confidential information about a number of high-profile Olympic athletes, but this represents the first time they have specifically targeted football.

The group released information on athletes who have requested Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) which allows the use of banned substances if there is a medical need.

Football players and officials unanimously affirm that this kind of sport is free of doping.

"Today Fancy Bears' hack team is publishing the material leaked from various sources related to football", read a statement on the group's website.

The Russian hackers also claimed there were 160 adverse analytical findings - or positive doping tests - in 2015 in football.

And of the nine failed tests, only three were received out of competition - meaning the players concerned were allegedly breaking the strict drugs rules during the playing season.

However, some cyber experts believe the group works in the interests of the Russian government and WADA has claimed that some of the information released by Fancy Bears did not "accurately reflect" their own records, suggesting some of it had been doctored.

Carlos Tevez, Juan Sebastian Veron and Dirk Kuyt have been named by hackers Fancy Bears as three of the players permitted to use otherwise-banned medicines during the 2010 World Cup.

Of course, this all sounds far more dramatic that it actually is, with most of the players mentioned above using TUEs at the World Cup to take prescribed medicines in controlled doses for pain relief and anti-inflammation (Tevez, Heinze), toothache (Kuyt) and asthma (Gomez).

Tevez and Heinze, who both played for Argentina at the tournament, starred for Manchester United during their golden period of 2006-2008.

Argentina have the most players on the list with five members of their squad allegedly using medication during the event.

There is no suggestion any of these footballers have done anything wrong.