Recycle and donate your Eclipse glasses

Recycle and donate your Eclipse glasses

Astronomers Without Borders wants people to hold onto their 2017 Great American Eclipse glasses for a while.

A group called Astronomers Without Borders is planning a collection drive for used eclipse glasses which it will distribute to schools in areas where the 2019 eclipse will be visible, giving students the opportunity to fall in love with astronomy.

There is no place to send your eclipse glasses just yet.

Or you can donate them to help residents in Chile, Argentina, India, the Philippines and other countries who will treated to a total solar eclipse in 2019. But if you can't stand clutter and are desperate to send your glasses off right away, mail them to: Explore Scientific, 101 S. 48th St., Springdale, AR 72762.

Now you find yourself with a pair or two - or maybe more - of paper eclipse glasses and you don't know what to do with them.

- You can put them in a desk drawer for the next total eclipse in the United States on April 8, 2024, though you might forget where you put them by then. You can drop them off anytime day or night in the box.

However, some glasses are printed with warnings saying that you should discard them after three years.

Well, one option to consider is recycle them.

For those interested, Astronomers Without Borders said on Facebook you are not supposed to send your eclipse glasses to their organization. As long as the solar eclipse glasses are not damaged and follow the safety standards of NASA, the organization and its partners will accept them as donations.