Miraculous quake survival for three brothers

Miraculous quake survival for three brothers

Grave fears were held for the Toscano family's children as rescue workers toiled for hours through the night before first pulling out 7-month-old Pasquale.

Italian rescue workers have freed the last of three children trapped under rubble after a deadly quake on the Italian holiday island of Ischia off the coast of Naples.

At least two people were killed in the quake that struck just before 9 pm on Monday. The other victim was a 65-year old Italian tourist discovered in the rubble of a collapsed house, local media said.

The boys' parents had managed to escape from the building earlier, and proceeded to raise the alarm about their children.

His wife managed to free herself through the bathroom window, Toscano told RAI state television, while he was rescued soon afterward by firefighters.

"It was either destiny or the Holy Spirit, but something saved them", Luca Cari, a spokesman for the fire service, said.

A woman was killed in Casamicciola, in the north of the small tourist island, hit by debris that fell from a church, with the body of another spotted in the rubble of a collapsed house, local media reported. They kept talking to them and fed water to them through a tube. The US Geological Survey said the quake had a magnitude of 4.3.

Authorities say they have located a second person who was killed in the 4.0-magnitude quake on the resort island of Ischia.

Fabrizio Pistolesi, the head of Italy's national architecture advisory board, told SKY television that many buildings on the island were built before seismic codes were adopted.

"In Casamicciola, a building collapsed and three people were pulled alive from the rubble - two women and a man", the head of the local department of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli, said at a press conference early yesterday. He also cited the high incidence of illegal construction on Ischia and generally in the Campagna region that includes both the resort island and Naples.

"We warned about the risk of collapses also in the case of not particularly serious temblors", De Chiara told Corriere della Sera newspaper. It left 2,000 people homeless in Casamicciola and a further 600 in Lacco Ameno. He said authorities were checking the stability of hotels to see if they could be used as temporary housing.

The powerful quake caused panic on the island, with hundreds of people running out into the streets.

The quake struck just days ahead of the first anniversary of the 6.0 magnitude quake that killed almost 300 people in and around Amatrice in central Italy.