Firefighters Eat Piglets Saved From Farm Fire

Firefighters Eat Piglets Saved From Farm Fire

A litter of piglets whose bacon was saved from a barn fire has been served up as dinner to the firefighters who rescued them.

Do you think it was in poor taste (no pun intended) for the farmer to thank the firefighters who rescued her piglets by letting them eat them?

The baby pigs and two sows were freed by firefighters from Pewsey in Wiltshire when a barn went up in flames in February.

But, having been reared for meat they have since been slaughtered and the sausages were delivered to the fire station team, which barbecued them.

Firefighters in England rescued 18 piglets from a terrible fate, and if you looked at the feature image of this article, you can probably guess how the farmer thanked them.

"I wanted to thank [the firefighters]", she said. "I..." But she added, "We farm and this is what we do".

The piglets were given a brief stay of execution but met their inevitable fate six months after the fire.

Rivers certainly didn't think bringing the firefighters the food version of the animals they saved was a odd way of thanking of the crew. The firefighters however said the bangers were "fantastic".

Pewsey fire station posted a review of the sausages on Facebook, a posting which has since been taken offline.

"Huge thank you to Rachel Rivers for dropping them off for us to sample".

Campaigners from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said they would be sending the firefighters packs of Linda McCartney vegan sausages. Firefighters from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service battled the blaze, which was started by an electrical issue. Farming is what she does, Rivers told the BBC.