This is what you can expect from Apple's next iPhone

According to Gizmodo and 9to5Mac, some awesome new camera features are rumored to be coming including Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono and Studio Light. A video that has been revealed by GSMArena citing a tipster showing the new color that we have seen past year. "Though Apple does its best to keep product leaks at bay, the biggest leaks we've seen in the build-up to tomorrow's event have, strangely enough, come directly from Apple". Stay tuned for more updates. Over the weekend, an unreleased build of iOS 11 was leaked to the press which stirred up some serious rumors as to what the new iteration is going to hold.

The event is likely to take place at the new Steve Jobs theatre and it is expected that Apple will bring to light iPhone 8, rumours and leaks of which has flooded the technology news industry. The event marks 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

It will also reportedly support wireless charging and a new messaging app named Animoji, which makes use of the phone's 3D-sensors to make emojis that replicate the user's facial expressions.

But after a new version of its operating system - iOS11 - was leaked, we've been given a pretty good look at some of the things Apple will unveil. Even the name of the new high-end phone remains a mystery, with different reports suggesting it is set to be called either "iPhone X" or "iPhone edition". Also expected are upgrades to the Watch and Apple TV.

Apple is expected to announce the details of the new iPhone on Tuesday and investors are driving the stock price higher in anticipation. On Apple TV You'll need a second-generation (2010) model or later.

Apple users can expect a smarter power button where by double pressing the button, you will activate Apple Pay and Siri by holding down the button.

The Apple Event is also expected to include the unveiling of a new Apple Watch and upgraded wireless AirPods.