Share your Instagram Stories with a new way with Instagram Direct

Share your Instagram Stories with a new way with Instagram Direct

"With the ability to utilize Facebook's fast-loading full screen Canvas format in Instagram Stories, marketers are able to use the creative versatility of Canvas to tell compelling brand and product stories", Instagram writes in a blog post. Users can quickly watch how a bland room gets transformed into a workable room, showing how much can change with a bit of hard work and creativity. The latest involves enabling users to share other people's stories through Direct messages on Instagram.

Instagram has made a new update to their existing Instagram Stories feature. When the original story disappears from the feed, you will no longer see that story in your Inbox which means the story will be disappeared from your Inbox as well.

READ NEXT:Facebook testing video preloads over Wi-Fi connections Brands already using Stories can now choose to monetise them and promote them as ads. You can disable this for your own profile if you don't want followers to share your content without permission.

The new update with this Instagram Direct has been rolled out globally and will be coming to you in a few weeks from now. The new features for users and brands are available from today in Instagram for iOS and Android. To check first, make sure your app is up to date and you're using the latest version of the app. Today they're making it easier to share those stories with your friends.

Instagram launched location and hashtag stories in May this year so that they surfaced more frequently in Explore. However, some users might not feel comfortable about the idea of letting other people share their stories with complete strangers.

Once you select the profile or group, you could see Send button at the bottom of the page in blue color. The feature will definitely help people to see what they liked in a recent time.