Destiny 2: Servers Will Be Down for Four Hours Today

Destiny 2: Servers Will Be Down for Four Hours Today

Bungie tweeted about the removal of the item earlier today.

This is quite an achievement for Destiny 2 and part of the reason it is able to enjoy an impactful debut is because of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Intergalactic RPG Destiny and its shiny new sequel will go offline for a few hours today for the first "weekly reset".

Bungie, the designers behind last week's massive game Destiny 2, publicly acknowledged and apologized on Tuesday for what is a freaky coincidence at best and a troubling decision at worst: the use of a prominent neo-Nazi flag symbol in the game. We renounce hate in all forms.

Destiny 2 update: New patch notes confirmed following Bungie server downtime

Offering its "deepest apologies" to fans, the Bungie stated that the item in question "does NOT represent our values".

Among them is the publisher for Destiny 2, Activision. As explained by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the term is based on video game forum language and an Egyptian god named Kek which has a frog's head. It's why many are still concerned that this has happened in the first place.

Players will need to be in a power range of 260-280 if you want to capitalise on the raid, so the servers being down this afternoon is not going to help if you are aiming to get there fast.