Google will not wipe out your Android backup in 60 days

Google will not wipe out your Android backup in 60 days

Next time you are temporarily switching devices and platforms, do do not forget to use the account with an Android device again before its expiration data to avoid losing apps and backup data.

While the policy isn't necessarily new, it was recently brought to light by Reddit user Tanglebrook, who detailed their experience with the feature in a post on the website.

With Google Drive and online backup for all your data, we've been pretty happy to shift from Hard disks and pen drives to online storage solutions. When he finally got a replacement device, he found that about 50 apps, his Android settings, and his Wi-Fi passwords had been deleted from the Android backup. The only solution so far is that even when you're taking a break from your Android smartphone, you would need to check in every once in a while if you want your backup to remain. When you consider how much we all use our phones these days, our handsets contain a wealth of data - and it make sense to back it up. A couple of months pass and Tanglebrook notices the Nexus 6P folder has disappeared from Google Drive Backup. If you don't use your Android device for two months, its backup data will be deleted and that's all there is to it. First of all, the only sign your backup will be deleted is an expiration date appearing next to the backup.

Example: "Expires in 54 days".

Turns out Google will get rid of your old Android backups after two months of inactivity if you don't actively use an Android device. However, Google has clearly mentioned in its terms and conditions that if the device is left unused for two weeks then it gives notification of expiration date below the backup. It is true that the data deleted is permanently wiped off and never accessible, there is a scenario where your data is unharmed. Tanglebrook was told by a Google representative that there is no way to keep the backup on his Google Drive or any other place.