Dead at Florida Nursing Home Left Without AC After Irma

Dead at Florida Nursing Home Left Without AC After Irma

On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued an order to prevent the nursing home from admitting new patients. There have also been some statements by nursing home groups and regulators and even some government officials. The moratorium immediately prevents the facility from admitting any patients until it is lifted. But trips to Memorial Regional Hospital are nothing new ever since Wilson has been at the rehabilitation center, she says. The hospital never reported losing power during the storm.

The nursing home deaths brought the total number of storm-related fatalities in Florida to 20 and illustrated the urgency of restoring electricity to millions of people across the southern state.

Long before this past week, however, the facility had a history of poor inspections.

However officials say the older care facility is not part of the Memorial Healthcare System. She said her sister had been in this rehabilitation center for 10 years, and here's what she told us.

Back in Hollywood with so many questions still unanswered, this nursing home is another place where Irma's impact will continue to be felt as recovery efforts continue in the sunshine state. In 2006, the U.S. Justice Department fined Larkin and its owners $15.4 million in a settlement of a civil fraud complaint. A kitchen worker told the Miami Herald that the nursing home was using its generator's power to cook food but not to power its air conditioning.

Leighton said the facility didn't spend what was needed to guarantee residents' safety. What they found was an oven. More EMS crews were sent over after a third call was received, the City of Hollywood said in a statement.

For much of the morning, Mitchell anxious her sister was among the deceased. He added that "I don't know what he's going to do". "Nobody's telling us nothing". In all, eight were dead. Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez declined to share with reporters further details about the generator but noted "it was extremely hot on the second floor of the facility".

"There are more electrical people in this state, I think, than ever accumulated anywhere in the world", the president said, referring to the scores of fix teams that have poured in from several states.

He's hoping the complaint preserves evidence for all families affected. At the time, Michel said he looked forward "to making the enhancements necessary to convert Hollywood Hills into a 5-star facility to serve the needs of our community".

Hurricane Irma slammed into Southwest Florida last weekend, destroying buildings and snapping trees after causing more extensive damage on the Florida Keys.

There are nearly 700 rehabilitation centers in the state, and at least 150 of them are still without power, as the Florida Health Care Association stated. Power has been restored for at least 89%, the agency said.

Several homes, businesses and facilities lost power after the deadly hurricane but the consequences at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hill, which is a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, were the most deadly. The reason for the auction: The previous owner was in prison for Medicare fraud.