United Nations chief condemns N Korean's missile launch

Ambassador Cui Tiankai on Friday told reporters at an embassy event: "Honestly, I think the United States should be doing ... much more than now, so that there's real effective worldwide co-operation on this issue".

South Korean authorities justify their actions under the pretext of tackling the DPRK's nuclear weapon threats, but they can not cover up treason to the nation with their arguments, it said. "They should do more to find effective ways to resume dialogue and negotiation", Ambassador Cui Tiankai stated on Friday during an embassy event.

Cui on Friday cautioned against putting China-US trade on the table.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has condemned the launch of yet another ballistic missile by the North Korea and called on the country's leadership to halt such activities and explore resumption of honest dialogue on denuclearisation.

While commenting on North Korea's new missile launch, he said that economic pressure on Pyongyang had proved to be ineffective, while military threats only angered the country's leadership. "Unfortunately, it has not moved the process any further", the senator said as quoted by his press service.

But the Chinese government has pushed back against the notion that it has any control over Pyongyang, and says it is the United States that should be doing more. Beijing has backed United Nations sanctions against the North.

"Our final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the USA rulers dare not talk about military option for the DPRK", Kim said as cited by state news agency KCNA.

In a press statement released on Friday, the 15 council members urged all United Nations member states to "fully, comprehensively and immediately" implement all relevant Security Council resolutions concerning North Korea, particularly the newly adopted Resolution 2375, which targeted North Korea's oil supply and textile exports, Xinhua news agency reported.

Chinese Ambassador to Washington Cui Tiankai called on the USA to refrain from threatening North Korea after Pyongyang launched another missile over Japan.

On August 22, the U.S. government unilaterally sanctioned Russian firms engaged in crude oil trade with North Korea, freezing their assets among other measures.

"We must make North Korea understand that if it continues down this road, it will not have a bright future", Abe said.

The North wants South Korea to stop its annual drills with the USA, which it views a rehearsal for war.