A Florida sign language interpreter's astonishingly wrong Irma warnings has people outraged

A Florida sign language interpreter's astonishingly wrong Irma warnings has people outraged

The former president of the National Association of the Deaf knew right off the bat that something wasn't right. But because he has a deaf brother, either Greene - or some county official - believed that that was a strong enough credential to stick him next to a podium and task him with keeping the area's deaf community abreast of the devastating storm's movements, and what they should be doing to protect themselves.

But Greene was clearly more rusty than he realized and signed words such as pizza, bear and monster during the conference.

"It was horribly unnerving for me".

"I kinda panicked for a minute, then I just knew I had to provide a transcript of what was being said for the hearing impaired", he said.

Some of the signs used by the man in the video did appear to be sign language, but they mostly made no sense or were irrelevant to the message emergency officials were telling the public at the time.

The county often uses the company VisCom to provide interpreters, but owner Charlene McCarthy claimed she was never called.

County leaders said they were "in a pinch" when looking for an interpreter.

"They said yes, for the next morning at 9:30 am", she said.

The press conference turned out to be an insult and a disaster, according to members of the deaf community.

He pointed out - Greene was dressed in a bright yellow shirt, a major no-no for deaf interpreters since they always dress in black allowing their hands to be visible.

We spoke with the interpreter's family Tuesday night.

In Manatee County, officials have begun facing criticism from the deaf community, who's outraged after an amateur interpreter was allegedly caught signing gibberish.

His father, who was not named, told WFLA: "He can't expect to communicate something he doesn't know".

Meanwhile, the the deaf community is demanding an apology from the county, claiming this was way too unsafe and put lives at risk.