British Airways plane evacuated after threat

British Airways plane evacuated after threat

A British Airways flight has been held on the runway at an airport in Paris over a security threat, according to passengers on board.

Anderson posted pictures and video on social media showing passengers evacuating the aircraft with police and fire vehicles nearby. In the background a member of the cabin crew speaks to passengers, apologizing for the delay over the security threat and letting them know that staff were ready to greet them at the airport terminal to assist with their travel arrangements.

TWITTERBritish Airways terror fears: The plane has been held on the tarmac of a Paris airport Everybody's been individually searched by armed officers and given all clear.

However, it is still unclear what the "direct threat" was that led to the whole episode.

"Every single person and every single item of baggage was searched".

A spokesman for Charles de Gaulle airport said the search was instigated by customs officials and was routine.

Sniffer dogs have also begun searching luggage.

Police and firefighters have surrounded the flight, which was heading to Heathrow.

The plane was due to depart the airport at 7.25am this morning.

Speaking to the Daily Star Online, Mr Anderson said: "Initially the pilot told us there were technical issues".

British Airways wrote on its website: "We're very sorry, this flight has been delayed significantly".

'We were waiting on the plane for around an hour.

"The pilot then said there had been a direct security threat involving our flight specifically".

This "threat" comes amid the explosion in the London Tube on Friday which injured over dozen people.

The airline stressed that the additional security checks had been carried out merely as a precaution and added they would never allow a flight to take off unless it was safe to do so.