Ryan won't say tax cut won't raise deficit

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that an outline for the overhaul of the nation's tax code will be released the week of September 25. "So I'm afraid that if you strike a deal with him, that he'll go back on his word at any point".

The Wisconsin Republicans says an AP Newsmakers interview that he wanted the White House to provide time for a legislative fix because he didn't want the program "to be rescinded on Day One and create chaos".

House Speaker Paul Ryan assembled an informal working group of GOP lawmakers in an attempt to hash out a legislative solution to reform the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Since Mexico won't pay to build it, Trump turned to Congress for the funds.

President Trump once again played host to Democratic leaders Wednesday night.

Manchin, Heitkamp and Donnelly are the only Democratic senators who did not sign a letter addressed to Republican leaders and Trump.

The get-togethers come amid new signs that there may be room for compromise on the thorny issue of immigration, which has been vexing lawmakers for years.

He contrasted the tax effort with the Senate's failure to pass their own version of health care reform.

Last week Trump infuriated many in his party when he reached a three-month agreement with Schumer and Pelosi to raise the debt ceiling, keep the government running and speed relief to states impacted by recent hurricanes. Once the outline is released, the committees will write legislation to "fill in the details".

"We're going to do it no matter what", he said.

Democrats have been adamant that they will not accept the wall in exchange for permanent protections for DACA recipients, but Pelosi indicated Tuesday she would be open to new border security measures of some kind. "We believe this will occur, and this compromise will include border security and enforcement so that we don't wind up with another DACA problem ten years down the road", Ryan told reporters Thursday. After Mulvaney piped in to make clear the distinction, the president signaled he understood the difference and was talking about DACA, the person said.

Ryan, meanwhile, said he's been having conversations with members to come up with a compromise that is likely to include border security enhancements. He said the White House is "learning what works and I think they are improving".

Ryan said that while he'd "love to have the Democrats supporting and working with us" on tax reform, he told reporters Republicans are prepared to act unilaterally.

Ryan spoke Wednesday morning following a closed conference meeting.