Anthony Weiner, three-time perv

Anthony Weiner, three-time perv

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner coaxed a 15-year-old girl to strip naked and touch herself in front of him live over Skype, according to a memo submitted by federal prosecutors Wednesday. Federal prosecutors wrote that her admission "didn't stop" Weiner. But now we know what kind of time prosecutors want Weiner to serve.

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will be sentenced on Monday for transferring obscene material to a minor during his online "relationship" with a high school student.

Tip of the iceberg: Weiner admits in court documents to sending sexts to hundreds of women since 2009 - with this one being revealed.

Weiner plead guilty in May to sending obscene material to an underage girl a year ago.

"This is not merely a "sexting" case, " prosecutors wrote. 'The defendant did far more than exchange typed words on a lifeless cellphone screen with a faceless stranger.

Weiner's crime has a maximum sentence of 10 years. Such conduct warrants a meaningful sentence of incarceration.

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The defendant's submission repeatedly makes note of the 15-year-old Minor Victim's various motives for communicating with Weiner and her profit from sharing those communications with the media.

Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 during another sex scandal, also sent the girl pornography.

'He initially denied his conduct; he suffered personal and professional consequences; he publicly apologized and claimed reform. The also pointed out that the victim admitted to targeting Weiner to change the course of the election, which they argued should factor into the sentencing decision. Because of the disturbing nature of his crimes, they are requesting that he go to prison for 21 to 27 months as part of Weiner's plea deal.