Apple says its new watch has cellular connectivity problems

Apple says its new watch has cellular connectivity problems

One of the biggest perks of Apple's new Apple Watch Series 3 was supposed to be the embedded LTE cellular chipset, which allows the watch to use cellular data without being paired to a smartphone.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was launched last week, and its first reviewers have already pointed out a major fault in its ability to connect to unauthenticated wi-fi.

Phone calls and iMessage chats work on the watch even if your phone is off, as do turn-by-turn maps and queries to the Siri voice assistant.

My only hang-up is the carrier pricing; AT&T wants to charge $10 a month for the Watch eSIM connection even though it uses the same number.

Another issue, which is actually by design, limits the battery life on the Series 3 Apple Watch to just one hour of 4G LTE talk time. The company says it is investigating a fix for the problem.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) saw shares lose 2.5% on the day in NY as the fallout from its latest California new product launch continues.

There's also a big difference in their front-facing cameras, as while they both have 7MP ones the iPhone X is also capable of scanning your face and identifying you that way, so you can unlock your phone and authorise purchases just by looking at it.

The watch doesn't require a new data plan, but an add-on to existing plans.

Answer a call from your surfboard. Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular capability will cost $399; without cellular, $329.

But Apple hasn't commented on the myriad other issues reviewers had with the Series 3. "In fact, you'd probably want to go into the Watch's settings and turn off cellular data until you need it, which in some ways defeats the objective of having an LTE-connected watch".

It all depends on what you really expect from your iPhone.

The new operating system will also let iPhone users transfer money from iPhone to iPhone using Apple Pay.

I got dropped from two conference calls because the battery was low to begin with. While I don't personally find it attractive enough to replace my wristwatch, the new Apple Watch is a well-designed, durable and easy-to-use fitness tracker for people who want analytics on their workouts and general health (R.I.P., Fitbit). That's great news for Apple's upcoming quarters, even if it's not going to be able to meet iPhone X demand - the same Kuo said as much recently. Unfortunately, while some of these reviews have been stellar, other outlets have reported experiencing rather serious issues with their Apple Watch S3 reviews units, prompting Apple to publicly acknowledge that some of them are, in fact, hindered by LTE connectivity problems. It's got an LTE connection, meaning you can make phone calls from your watch without having a phone on your hip. He then suggested to his Twitter followers "Do not buy one". I'll update this post when I hear back.

"The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first smartwatch I've ever used that felt like something more".