'Minecraft' Better Together update will bring all platforms together

'Minecraft' Better Together update will bring all platforms together

What about PlayStation? Well, Sony is notoriously anti-cross play, having blocked Microsoft's efforts to bring gamers together across various titles, and Minecraft is no different.

According to Mashable, "Minecraft's" latest update is now available on PC, mobile devices as well as Xbox One.

The update went into beta back in August, and today, Microsoft has officially launched the Better Together Update, with it rolling out to Windows 10, Xbox One, VR, Android, and iOS versions of Minecraft. The Nintendo Switch will get the Better Together update later in the winter.

The update will still have the same content, functionality, and features, regardless what device the player is using.

Microsoft announced the Minecraft 'Better Together' Update at E3 earlier this year, which would enable cross-platform play with nearly every platform that Minecraft is available on.

Microsoft has been rebuilding Minecraft's back-end for a while, bringing the game's systems together into a single engine known as "Bedrock".

For more on the Better Together update, check out the full list of changes on the Minecraft website. Aside from the Nintendo Switch and PS4, the new update is still not available on PlayStation 4 Pro and Apple PCs. The game's user interface is also getting a touch-up, with new world start options, game rules, loading screens, achievements, and in-game host options, among other things. But the Bedrock Engine's Better Together update means that there's no more discrepancies between editions, like where a seed in Minecraft on Xbox One wouldn't work properly with Minecraft Pocket Edition.