Tony Abbott Allegedly Headbutted In The Face By 'Yes' Campaigner

Tony Abbott Allegedly Headbutted In The Face By 'Yes' Campaigner

Coalition backbencher and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he was assaulted by a man wearing a "Yes" campaign badge in Hobart on Thursday.

"A fellow sung out at me - 'Hey Tony.' I turned around".

The man, who was understood to have been wearing a "Yes" campaign badge, then headbutted Abbott causing minor facial injuries to his lip. He says, 'I want to shake your hand.' I went over to shake his hand, then he headbutted me.

"He wasn't very good at it, I've got to say, but he did make contact", he said.

Mr Abbott, the country's right-wing former Prime Minister, has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage as voters have their say on the issue in a binding postal vote.

"He didn't have a blood nose or break his nose or anything like that", a spokesman for Mr Abbott said.

"Must be condemned by all", he tweeted.

Mr Abbott said the attacker told him "you deserve it" as he was running away.

Labor frontbencher Stephen Jones said "whoever did the Abbott headbutt thing. bloody idiot".

Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality, the group behind the official "Yes" for same-sex marriage campaign, Alex Greenwich has since commented on the incident, saying "there is absolutely no place for violence in the marriage equality debate".

"There is never a place for violence or abuse", he said.

"Marriage Equality is about respect and dignty for every Australian".

Police in Hobart said they were aware of reports that Mr Abbott was assaulted and confirmed they were making enquiries and liaising with the Australian Federal Police.