Facebook bans Rohingya militant group

Facebook bans Rohingya militant group

Days after the MHA submitted a strong affidavit supporting government's plans to deport Rohingyas, Singh also asked some people were objecting to the deportation of Rohingyas when Myanmar was ready to accept them. "We must ensure that the ancestors' land of the Rohingyas is restored", he said.

The money - reappropriated from existing funds in the State Department - brings the total USA aid to $95 million.

"People thought the aid was only for the Bengalis", Secretary of the State Government Tin Maung Swe told Reuters news agency, using a name for the Rohingya they say is discriminatory.

The latest unrest in the troubled Rakhine state was sparked by attacks on police stations across the state last month, blamed on a newly emerged militant group, the Arsa.

In 1989 the ruling military junta changed the country's name from Burma to Myanmar.

Marzuki Darusman told his sponsors in the U.N. Human Rights Council he was also still waiting for Myanmar's permission to enter the country, though he was hopeful there would be progress soon.

"There are elephants in the forest, close to the place where many Rohingya refugees are clearing forest to make huts, police official Chailau Murma said".

On Wednesday, US Vice President Mike Pence accused the Myanmar military of responding to militant attacks "with awful savagery, burning villages, driving the Rohingya from their homes".

Given the global pressure on India to provide shelter to the refugees, the Home Minister said, "India won't be violating any worldwide law by deporting Rohingyas from India, as it isn't a signatory to 1951 UN Refugee Convention". The Rohingya are widely reviled in the Buddhist-majority country.

The petition was filed on behalf of two Rohingya living at a refugee camp in New Delhi since escaping Myanmar, where a military crackdown since August 25 has led to more than 400,000 Rohingya taking refuge in Bangladesh. "They have not taken asylum and therefore, terming them refugees on the grounds of human rights is not justifiable", the Home minister said. "It is submitted that continuance of Rohingyas' illegal immigration into India and their continued stay in India, apart from being absolutely illegal, is found to be having serious national security ramifications and has serious security threats", it said.

Although the crisis has worsened sharply in recent weeks, hundreds of thousands more Rohingya were already in Bangladesh from waves of violence years earlier, while others were displaced within Myanmar.