IPhone X looks a lot like Samsung

IPhone X looks a lot like Samsung

The difference sees Apple make profits of 59 percent on the iPhone X, compared with 66 percent on the iPhone 7 and over 70 percent for the iPhone 6s.

Yesterday, a new report from reputable site KGI Securities analyzed the future of Apple's biometric technologies and suggested that all of next year's iPhones are likely to have Face ID.

Supply chain sources told Caso that the iPhone X production would start in mid-October, just a few days before Apple starts accepting pre-orders.

Since the Apple event, everyone is talking about the great features of the new iPhone X like wireless charging, bezel-less display, face unlock and the new A11 processor. However, Apple will make available a 256GB version for a whopping $1,149.

Apple's iPhone X, announced last week, will be available in November 3. It appears that more customers looking for a new iPhone would rather hold out for the iPhone X than buy the iterative iPhone 8. The front-facing camera on the iPhone X will be brought to the other iPhones that will be launched from the next year only if it is well received by the users. In the case of the Apple iPhone X, it is going to cost Rs. 89,000 which is approximately $1400 and simply unaffordable for the majority of the population unless the person is a millionaire with plenty of spare cash to spend.

iPhone X sports a 5.8 inch all-screen OLED Multi-Touch Super Retina HD display which is a first in the iPhone product line.

"According to our April 2017 AlphaWise US Smartphone survey, Ninety-two percent of US iPhone users who plan to upgrade their phone in the next year plan to repurchase an iPhone, up from 86% the year before". In fact, the flagship smartphone will be available in over 55 countries on November 3, including India. Apple's done a great job at tricking the consumer into thinking they got a great deal on the iPhone 8 Plus, when in reality, they spent way too much on a phone that's significantly worse than the iPhone X.

Why don't Apple users aim for iPhone 8? Apparently the company had placed initial orders as late as last week - the same week the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 pre-orders began.