How To Use Face Filters While Using Live

How To Use Face Filters While Using Live

For the launch, Instagram has included a new Sunglasses face filter as an exclusive for live streamers for the next week, which will let you change the scenery reflected in the lenses. If you ever watch the live videos in the app, they're going to start looking more like stories and photos taken with the app as users will now be able to use the face filters while streaming live video to their followers.

To activate the filters on a live video users have to tap a face icon placed on the bottom right corner of the screen beside the "Start Live Video" tab.

Users can also switch and toy with various Face Filters during the broadcast. The new sunglasses filter is exclusive to video for a bit, though.

Although it dedicated a blog post to the announcement, this isn't Instagram's first foray into filters.

When the broadcast has ended, a replay can be shared to your story, or you can choose "Discard" and the live video will disappear from the app as usual. So the next time you need to jump into a live broadcast to your friends, you'll be able to provide an appropriate sense of gravitas with a pair of rabbit ears.

The feature allows users to add animated visual effects to live videos, such as sunglasses, a rainbow or even a cloud casting shade.

You can make videos that play in reverse with "Rewind, ' a new camera format next to 'Boomerang" and 'Hands-Free'. However, it does explain why Instagram made a decision to add the Save button.

The option to save live stream on the phone means more people will now want to go live on Instagram. The update is expected to be available for iOS, Android and Windows users. The option to save videos along with the option to share with friends and followers is irresistible to users.