Dershowitz: Why did the media play down Plame's anti-Semitism?

Dershowitz: Why did the media play down Plame's anti-Semitism?

The article, written by Philip Giraldi, contained classically anti-Semitic tropes such as the assertion that "Jewish groups and deep pocket individual donors not only control the politicians, they own and run the media and entertainment industries".

As its title suggests, the article in question - which was written by another former Central Intelligence Agency officer, Philip Giraldi - claims that American Jews are the main force behind America's military involvement in the Middle East. "Seriously, we don't need it", he writes.

Valerie Plame Wilson doubled down on her retweet of an anti-Semitic article when hit with backlash, but she finally apologized for missing the "gross undercurrents". Re-tweets don't imply endorsement, ' she tweeted. Yes, very provocative, but thoughtful. One can criticize Bill Kristol's "neocon" approach to foreign policy for other reasons, but the fact is that it's not widely shared any longer on the Right, and never was widely shared by Jewish voters in the US.

- Valerie Plame Wilson (@ValeriePlame) September 21, 20172) Just FYI, I am of Jewish decent.

The fundraiser, which has a goal of $1 billion, claims it will purchase Twitter in order to "take away Trump's most powerful megaphone" and prevent him from going to war with North Korea.

Wilson made headlines recently over her effort to crowdfund enough money to buy Twitter and ban President Donald Trump from using it. She said that people should "read the entire article" without "biases". "I missed gross undercurrents to this article".

She eventually apologized for the share, calling the post "problematic" and saying, "I messed up". She wrote that she had focused on the neoconservative criticism but didn't properly check out the rest of the article or the site it came from. This was seen as an attack on her husband for his doubts about the Bush administration's justification for invading Iraq.

I'm not ideal and make mistakes. This was a doozy.

Wilson's identity as a Central Intelligence Agency operative was leaked by an official in President George W. Bush's administration in 2003 in an effort to discredit her husband, Joe Wilson, a former diplomat who criticized Bush's decision to invade Iraq.