Walmart tests grocery service that would place items into the fridge

Walmart tests grocery service that would place items into the fridge

USA retailer Walmart has announced that it is teaming up with August Home and Deliv to test new delivery concepts, which including putting groceries in customers' refrigerators.

Hate putting away groceries?

Customers who order groceries can request that delivery people put their fresh and frozen items away in their refrigerators and freezers, according to Ravi Jariwala, senior director of public relations at Walmart. Once the delivery is done, the homeowner gets a notification that the August lock has been closed.

He added that Walmart is trying many different ways to make shopping more convenient for its customers. The service will need to be adequately paid for by those who sign up for it, making it a premium service that is generally outside of Walmart's traditional consumer base. In that case, however, residents living in 1,000 apartment buildings were receiving a free Latch system for the exterior door of their building, which would allow them to securely allow access to delivery personnel.

XAutoplay: On | OffCertain August customers in Silicon Valley are testing the concept, said Wal-Mart in a corporate blog post.

With the August partnership, Walmart customers both inside and outside cities could take advantage of the service, if they were also August device owners.

"We want to do more in the future by delivering groceries and other orders in whatever location works best for our customers - inside the house for some and in the fridge/freezer in the garage for others", Sloan Eddleston, vice president for Walmart eCommerce Strategy & Business Operations, wrote in a blog post. "In the future, you could order on and start cooking minutes after you walk through the door". The company said in June it was testing using its own store employees to deliver packages ordered online.