Netflix adds HDR support for iPhone X and iPad Pro

Netflix adds HDR support for iPhone X and iPad Pro

The lack of YouTube 4K comes down to the fact that Apple doesn't support the VP9 video coding format in either the TV or Safari browsers both mobile and Mac. While HDR and Dolby Vision movies will be available for download, 4K movies will remain limited to streaming.

Amidst the iPhone announcements in Apple's annual September event in Cupertino, Calif., brings a few other surprises including an update to Apple TV-finally embracing 4K technology in the living room. Selection isn't as robust as the likes of App Store on iOS devices, and the remote experience simplifies what you can (and can't) do on Apple TV. For one, the ability to stream 4K HDR content is a welcome addition. Apple hasn't revealed when this support could happen. Apple TV 4K starts at $179 for 32GB variant and $199 for the 64GB variant in the US.

The Verge did discover over the weekend that it's possible to download and play 1080p full HD movies with HDR on the 2017 iPad Pro models.

"The new Apple TV doesn't do much more than streaming boxes that cost nearly $100 less-and in some cases, it doesn't even do as much", he wrote. I have a collection of DVDs and don't feel like paying again for higher-quality Blu-ray or digital versions.

As more and more content transitions to 4K, you will be able to see more of your favorite entertainment in stunning 4K.

"Outside of gaming consoles, custom-built home theater PCs, and the extremely niche Nvidia Shield, the Apple TV 4K is the most powerful mainstream box you can stick under your TV", he wrote.

Instead, Apple limits downloads to HD copies only. But it's the Apple TV 4K's power that might prove more important over time, he wrote.

Gannett Co.'s (CGI) staple publication notes that the new Apple TV is great for those who enjoy playing games, as well as heavy app users, since the new device packs four times the graphics performance and twice the speed of the previous Apple TV model thanks to its all-new A10X Fusion chip. Your other Apple devices will play the higher-quality version if they're compatible.