India can't deport Rohingya refugees, says UNHCR

India can't deport Rohingya refugees, says UNHCR

He added that the tribunal's findings, judgement and recommendations would be forwarded to worldwide bodies and civil groups to pressure the Myanmar government to act accordingly.

On Sept.13 The New York Times ran an article called The Rohingya in Myanmar: How Years of Strife Grew Into a Crisis The report includes information chronicling the history of violence and discrimination against the Rohingya ethnic community.

India is considering supplying arms to Myanmar's government in a sign of strong support for a neighbor that faces criticism for its crackdown on Rohingya Muslims.

Some of the Rohingya who cross into Bangladesh travel to refugee camps through the Rakhine villages, where small Buddhist stupas dot the green paddy fields and line the banks of the Naf river that divides the two countries.

Nobel peace laureate Suu Kyi has shocked the worldwide community with her near-silence on the plight of the Rohingya and her failure to condemn the actions of the army, with whom she has a delicate power-sharing arrangement.

Murphy, who spent three days in Myanmar this week, said there were "many points of responsibility" and he wanted to see everyone follow through on commitments Suu Kyi made to uphold rights and the law in an address to the nation on Tuesday.

Myanmar rejects that, saying its forces are tackling insurgents of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army who it has accused of setting the fires and attacking civilians. It added that it will place all intelligence inputs in a sealed envelope before SC on October 3 to prove its claim that Rohingyas are a security threat.

She even hit out at Pakistan taking reference of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and said that March 25, the day on which Islamabad launched heinous operation searchlight, has been declared as a day of genocide by the Dhaka Parliament.

What is saddest in this picture is the hypocrisy of Myanmar's Buddhists, who make up 80 percent of that country's population and whose legacy of the Buddha teaches peace and non-violence.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hosted a ministerial meeting to discuss ways to resolve the Rohingya crisis, which included ministers from Turkey, Australia, Indonesia, Sweden and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

U.S. -Myanmar ties have been improving since the military began withdrawing from government in 2011, and paved the way for a 2015 election won by Suu Kyi's party.

If only Trump had used his platform at the United Nations to call on the global community to impose a travel ban, sanctions, and an arms embargo for the Myanmar military. Myanmar's response was to forge closer ties with China.

"Long-term, the trajectory is probably tighter relations".

Rights groups accuse the Myanmar military of burning Rohingya villages, raping women.

In the sprawling refugee camps that have sprung up along Bangladesh's southern frontier, UNICEF has set up tented spaces for the children to play safely.

Bangladesh is struggling to cope with the refugees and aid workers fear people could die due to a lack of food, shelter and water, given the numbers.

During her visit to a refugee camp, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina demanded Myanmar to take steps to take Rohingya Muslims back and while assuring temporary aid until that happened.