Apple iPhone 8 has arrived, here's everything you need to know

Apple iPhone 8 has arrived, here's everything you need to know

Only those who placed orders and made successful reservations online last week were able to collect an iPhone 8 handset in an Apple store on Friday, according to an Apple staff, adding that all other new products including the new Apple Watch, could be bought in the store right away.

People in London that Business Insider spoke to said they were buying the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus largely because of its price, they "desperately need" a new phone, or because they want an iPhone with a home button.

At the front of the line were Abdelsalam Amailef, Mazen Kourouche and Rami Dandachi, all in their late teens, who pitched their tents outside the George Street store 10 days ago, making it one of the longest times Apple fans have waited in Sydney to be first for a new iPhone. Said another way, the survey suggested 64% of iPhones in the next year will be either the iPhone X, iPhone 8, or 8 Plus, compared to our current model of 45%.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the first smartphones from Apple to support wireless battery charging, as well as improved camera and screen specifications.

Many customers in the store were trying to the test the new models instead of committing to buy.

The iPhone X will be available on November 3 at a base model price of $999. We are modeling for iPhone X to be 20% of units over the next year, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to be 25% of units over the next year.

Today's the day that the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are in stores across the world. Business Insider's Steve Kovach also mentioned in his review that waiting for the iPhone X is probably the best thing to do. They noted that just like the iPhone 6 Plus camera, the iPhone 8 camera was now using the same optical image stabilizing feature of integrating four magnets around the camera lens. However, iPhone buyers, press, and few other people were the only ones allowed in.