Barnaby Joyce speechless when asked about North Korea threat

Never one let his opponents have the last word, Mr Trump tweeted: "Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!"

US President Donald Trump yesterday said he was ready to "totally destroy" North Korea if it does not stop its nuclear weapons drive.

Apparently enraged by the president's fiery address Tuesday at the U.N. General Assembly, Kim released a statement that referred to Trump as a "mentally deranged dotard".

Trump, in his first-ever speech at the United Nation General Assembly as US President, had threatened "to destroy" North Korea.

North Korea's warning to President Donald Trump and the U.S. on Thursday may have included its usual fiery rhetoric, but underneath its superfluous metaphors, the regime may have been signaling a more personal message.

Yesterday Washington ramped up sanctions aimed at curtailing North Korea's nuclear weapons drive.

In response to statements by trump North Korea threatens a hydrogen bomb.

Ri, who was meant to address the UN General Assembly on September 22 but has dropped out of his speaking slot, told reporters in NY that the country might consider testing their biggest nuclear weapon in response to Trump's military threats, according to CNN.

London [U.K.], September 22: After United States President Donald Trump announced another sanction against North Korea, the country's leader Kim Jong-Un called the former mentally deranged USA dotard.

Kim said that Trump is "unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of a country".

Kim also said he is "thinking hard" about his response and that Trump "will face results beyond his expectation". The U.S. characterized the flights as extending farther north of the DMZ, which separates North and South Korea, than any U.S. fighter or bomber had gone off the North Korean coast in the 21st century. He also referred to Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man". The fact that the North Korean dictator wrote his own response suggests that Trump's speech at the United Nations affected him greatly.

On the 4 July, US Independence Day, the country launched its most powerful missile yet, an intercontinental ballistic missile, which they said was capable of "hitting anywhere in the world". One of the most far-reaching sanctions packages in history, this legislation passed the House and the Senate and was signed into law by President Trump in August.

It was not immediately clear whether North Korea was planning such an action. For example, ships and aircraft visiting North Korea are banned from the United States for 180 days. As the rogue regime escalates its intimidation campaign, we must keep strengthening USA intelligence so we know the true capabilities of North Korea's nuclear program.