Iran, US diplomats meet as Trump weighs nuclear deal

Iran, US diplomats meet as Trump weighs nuclear deal

Federica Mogherini, the European Union foreign policy chief, agreed with the Iranian diplomat in saying that "there is no need to renegotiate". He added that in case the deal collapses, Tehran could return to the high level uranium enrichment that is needed for its reactor fuel.

U.S. President Donald Trump is said to be leaning toward decertification of the Iran nuclear deal, reports said.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani retaliated during his address at the general assembly on Wednesday by calling Trump a "rogue newcomer to the world of politics", without naming him.

Iran unveiled what it said was a new ballistic missile with a range of 2,000km, capable of carrying several warheads, during commemorations for the Iran-Iraq war and days after the U.S. president called Tehran a "corrupt dictatorship". While that is happening, Trump hopes to persuade various European nations that are part of the Iran nuclear deal to exert pressure on Iran to re-engage in talks over provisions that Trump finds problematic.

The president's program continued on Monday morning with an interview with the CNN television news channel and continued with the meeting with the President of Bolivia, the United Nations Secretary-General, the Prime Minister of Sweden, the French President and the President of Austria.

Trump has until October 15 to decide whether he wants to recertify Iran's compliance with the deal. In fact, the State Department has twice certified Iran's compliance since Trump took office.

"We also call on your administration to declare to Congress next month that Iran has not been complying with this agreement and that it is not in the national security interests of the United States", the letter said. He cited ballistic missiles and the deal's expiration dates.

Under the agreement, what must Iran do? If the serious about non-proliferation, it should use the Iran deal to resolve other complex global conflicts.

Trump said on Wednesday he had made his decision but was not yet ready to reveal it. Iran says it has no such plans. "I'll let you know". "I don't want to create further instability in the Middle East, and I think we need to be careful", Engel told Al Arabiya English in NY.

Gabriel told reporters any USA move to cancel the Iran deal and impose new sanctions on Tehran would discourage powers such as North Korea from negotiating an end to their own nuclear programmes. But U.S. officials argue that Tehran's ballistic missile tests and its support for militant groups and Syria's dictator breach the spirit of the deal.