Iranian President Blasts US Effort to Change Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Blasts US Effort to Change Nuclear Deal

The US has "significant issues" with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said after meeting his Iranian counterpart here amidst worldwide efforts to implement the crucial agreement.

Speaking one day after Trump blasted Iran as a "murderous regime" that was "undermining peace throughout the Middle East", Rohani said his country is a peaceful one that has chosen the path of moderation and does not seek to restore its ancient empire.

The deal was "overwhelmingly applauded by the worldwide community and endorsed as part of Resolution 2231" adopted by the Security Council, Rouhani told the General Assembly.

Tillerson said the discussion had been a political one and that even if Iran is in "technical" compliance with the pact, "significant differences" remain.

"If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few", Trump said, "then evil will triumph". "I'll let you know what the decision is", he said.

Trump, being Trump, also said what needed to be said about North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un and his missile program.

Tillerson was asked what message North Korea should draw from the USA attempt to renegotiate an agreement that has already been settled. The deal "belongs to the global community in its entirety, and not to only one or two countries".

Iran has accused the Trump administration of not living up to its requirements on sanctions relief under the nuclear deal.

Hundreds of protesters waved Iranian flags, chanted and held signs that said "free Iran". Tehran was quick to reply Trump's remarks, with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif calling it an "ignorant hate speech".

"We don't think Trump will walk out of the deal despite (his) rhetoric and propaganda", Rouhani said.

"We are not against the prosperity of Iraqi Kurds but they need to press ahead with their plans within Iraq's sovereignty", he said.

At a speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week, US President Donald Trump described the deal as an "embarrassment".

He said facilitating banking relations between Iran and the United Kingdom can pave the way for further economic ties between the two sides.

President Trump has reached a decision on how to proceed with the Iran nuclear deal, but has not publicly said what that decision is.

KELEMEN: You know, one of the things that the US has complained about are these sunset clauses, and that is that the restrictions on the nuclear program go away over time.

While the president has yet to make good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Iran deal, which extracted concessions from the Islamic republic on its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of worldwide sanctions, he has continued to rail against it.