Mnuchin: NFL players 'can do free speech on their own time'

Mnuchin: NFL players 'can do free speech on their own time'

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared to claim on CNN Sunday that NFL players don't have free speech rights while playing football.

"They have their right to have their First Amendment off the field", Mnuchin continues.

Mnuchin was the latest top official to offer reassurance after US President Donald Trump ratcheted up tension with the DPRK with threats, Xinhua reported.

According to the Washington Post-ABC News poll, 67 per cent of Americans believe that the United States should launch a military strike on the DPRK only if the country first attacks them or their allies.

"The owners should meet and decide on this rule the way they decide on any other rule", Mnuchin said on CNN's "State of the Union".

Players with the Jackson Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens responded Sunday morning to Trump's demands that owners suspend or fire players who protested the national anthem. He was referring to the wave of NFL players who have chosen to kneel down during the national anthem at games this season.

"And now the National Football League is saying players should be able to decide if they want to disrespect the United States flag", Mnuchin added. "So, you know, why didn't they wear stickers?" "This is a job, and the employers have the right, when the players are working, to have rules". Why didn't the Dallas Cowboys, why were they allowed to wear stickers in response to people they wanted to pay respect to?

Fun fact: The National Anthem and the American flag do not exclusively represent members of the military and law enforcement.

"I can assure you the president's number one priority is the safety of the American people and our allies", he added.

"I think the president can use whatever language he wants", Mnuchin said.

Taiwan Jones #22 of the Oakland Raiders tries to catch the ball in the endzone while covered by Chris Clemons #29 of the Arizona Cardinals at Coliseum on August 30, 2015 in Oakland, California.