Travel to understand India's diversity: Modi

Travel to understand India's diversity: Modi

As the festive seasons begin in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to "feel" India's unity in diversity and not just talk about it, in his latest episode of his radio programme, Mann ki Baat, on Sunday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked people to promote tourism spots in their states and also to visit the numerous tourist sites within the country instead of getting attracted by "superficial glitter" overseas. And when I say things in Mann Ki Baat, people from across the country send their ideas, experiences and feelings to me.

With the opposition parties attacking government's handling of the economy by citing the fall in GDP rate and demonetisation figures, Modi is expected to take them on and highlight his dispensation's "successes" in boosting transparency and curbing black money, party sources said.

Quoting Acharya Vinoba Bhave's phrase "A-sarkari, Asarkari", meaning non-government is effective, Modi said he kept the programme away from political hues and tried to remain connected with people with a stable mind, rather than being diverted by the heat of the moment. The monthly programme will also be telecast on public broadcaster Doordarshan and can be heard on All India Radio as well.

Modi also said each one of us should resolve to make a positive contribution by 2022 to achieve the New India that our freedom fighters dreamt of. He urged the masses to promote khadi usage and take it forward as a movement.

He also congratulated Lt. Swati Mahadik and Lt. Nidhi Dubey, widows of martyrs, on joining the Indian Army. The documentary depicted the life of Bilal Dar and won several awards at various film festivals. While thanking news outlets for spreading the message, he said he was glad that people were participating in the mission and contributing to keep the country clean. Rivals have criticised Mann Ki Baat, saying the Prime Minister should speak about what people think.