Over 35000 Evacuated Due to Volcano Alert in Bali, Indonesia

Over 35000 Evacuated Due to Volcano Alert in Bali, Indonesia

Almost 35,000 people have been evacuated from their homes near an active volcano in Bali, as authorities warn it could erupt imminently.

Authorities imposed a 12km exclusion zone around the crater of Mount Agung, as increasing volcanic activity on Sunday sent strong tremors through areas in the eastern part of the one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Mount Agung, which last erupted for nearly a year in 1963 to 1964, continues to show increased volcanic activity.

"Volcanic activity remains high and there are indications of magma rising to the surface and causing tremors", Sutopo Purwo Nugroho of the National Disaster Management Agency said.

Flights to Bali are still taking off this morning despite fears the island's biggest volcano will erupt. Up to 30,000 villagers around the mountain evacuated their homes.

He sold the family's cow because they don't know when they'll be able to return.

Officials urged the public to remain calm amid false reports and videos circulating online of an eruption.

BNPB is also installing road signs to mark the safe and risky zones around the 3,014-metre-high volcano.

Flights at Bali's worldwide airport are still operating as normal and there was little disruption to tourism operators across the rest of the island, authorities said. Lava travelled 7.5 kilometres and ash reached Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, about 1000 kilometres away.

The mountain, 72 kilometres to the northeast of the tourist hotspot of Kuta, is among more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

The worldwide airport in Bali's capital, Denpasar, was anticipating the prospect of closure but no flight schedules had been affected as of Sunday night.

The airport has prepared buses and trains to divert passengers to alternative hubs in neighbouring provinces, if the mountain erupts.

"An eruption of Mount Agung could impact air travel in the region", Smart Traveller said on Friday.

Residents stay at a temporary shelter as they are evacuated from unsafe areas following potential eruption of Gunung Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia, on September 23, 2017.