Twitter finally launches a lite version for Internet-challenged Philippines

Twitter finally launches a lite version for Internet-challenged Philippines

Techcrunch reported yesterday that Twitter is now testing a native Twitter lite app for Android in the Philippines.

Twitter is testing out a new way to make its service easier to use - and less resource intensive - for its users.

Twitter, which has over 328 million total monthly active users - 68 million MAU in the USA and 260 million outside - said the app was now in the test mode in the Philippines, Tech Crunch reported. This restricts the biggest culprits of data consumption in the microblogging platform - images and videos - from eating up valuable memory in mobile devices. Of course, loads of them because you can still interact with your friends, access live scores, market your business, view your Timeline, the Explore Tab, Messages, Notification, and customize your profile to suit your taste.

The data saving really kicks in when you activate the data saver feature of the Twitter lite app.

The San Francisco-based social media firm now has a user base of 319 million users, which is lower than that of Facebook at 1.9 billion, but announcing support for a Lite version of Twitter might help them boost those numbers.

By February this year, Facebook Lite already grew its user base to 200 million. The app is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 and above. It weighs just 3MB and consumes up to 70% fewer data. Moreover, the app launches 30% faster than the regular Twitter app. Would you love to see the Twitter lite app being made available in Zimbabwe? The app has been added to the Google Play Store, but only in the Philippines where mobile data is expensive and slow. Other lightweight social media apps, such as Facebook Lite, are a favorite among Filipino users, after all. (PLDT) and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Both the app and web version look fairly identical in terms of UI and function, but the app is likely to help draw more people to Twitter Lite by being listed on Google Play.