Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Extended By Two Hours

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Extended By Two Hours

Bungie is now performing a server maintenance for Destiny 2 and while the maintenance is pretty standard for the game, it appears to have been extended by another further 2 hours as revealed through an official tweet by the Bungie twitter account.

There's plenty of stuff to finish doing in the massive expanse that is Destiny 2, but a little reprieve might not be so bad if you've been buried in the game since its release. If you're already online at 2PM, you'll be able to keep on playing, but all players will be ejected at 3PM.

The loot available for each faction: Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. Faction Rallies, however, work much differently than you might expect.

6 AM PDT (2 PM UTC): Players will no longer be able to sign in to Destiny 2. This can be completed through all of the game's activities including Lost Sectors, Public Events, Strikes, the Nightfall, or the Raid. At the end of one week, which coincides with the following weekly reset, one of the Factions will be picked as the victor based on how much reputation its followers earned.

Players will want to know the best Faction to back in Destiny 2, but there won't be one. Players who backed the wrong Faction can also buy the item, but for 50,000 Glimmer.

Destiny 2 has been proven to be a smash hit for Activision Blizzard. Although, you could theoretically have three characters at Level 20, using each one to pledge their loyalty to a different Faction.

Who can you join though? Does this sound like something you can get into?