Ditching Microsoft: Apple is now using Google to power Siri search

Ditching Microsoft: Apple is now using Google to power Siri search

Customers searching on Apple's Safari browser across its Mac, iPad and iPhone portfolio already received Google search results, and investment firm Bernstein has estimated Google now pays around $3bn (£2.2bn) for this deal, based on the fact Google paid around $1bn for the same deal in 2014. Bing has been nearly fully replaced on iOS, though it will continue to power Siri's image search results.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) ditches Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bing for Google as the default search engine for Siri searches in iOS and Spotlight on the Mac.

While Apple's move is undeniably good for Google's user metrics, the search giant has been under fire in recent months for promoting misleading, fake, and inaccurate information from dubious sources at the top of simple search results.

Bing isn't completely gone, though; Siri will still use Web image results from Bing.

Unless you're a regular Bing user, chances are you haven't thought about Microsoft's search engine all that much in recent years. Also, you can still ask Siri to "search Bing for Flatliners movie reviews", for example, and you'll get Bing results.

One must wonder if "consistency" was Apple's only motivation, or if the lofty sum Google is paying them had anything to do with it. The company pays an estimated $3 billion a year to Apple for search traffic, according to an August report by Sanford Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi.

Google Assistant, Google's virtual personal assistant, is also available on Apple's App store, but can not be set to replace Siri as the default virtual personal assistant. As we move forward, given our work to advance the field of AI, we're confident that Bing will be at the forefront of providing a more intelligent search experience for our customers and partners.